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西雅图assignment代写:Institutional philosophy

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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 assignment代写 范文-Institutional philosophy,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了制度哲学的研究。制度哲学的研究与社会日常生活息息相关,主要倾向于社会生活中...
  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文-Institutional philosophy,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了制度哲学的研究。制度哲学的研究与社会日常生活息息相关,主要倾向于社会生活中的操作层面。由于制度哲学的研究关乎到人们的社会生活,因此与人们的逻辑思维方式建立起了密切联系。可见对于制度哲学的研究,不再局限于制度的运行状况以及实施情况,而是建立起了制度思维方式,对于制度研究起到了更深层次的作用。
  The innovation of marxist philosophy is mainly embodied in Chinese innovation.Different perspectives will lead to different understandings of the problems in China's social development.Examining marxist philosophical innovation from the perspective of philosophy,we can grasp the essence of contradiction from the perspective of philosophy,and take this as the starting point to accurately grasp the inner spirit.Marxist philosophy is an ideological weapon for transforming the world.It is not only the guiding ideology for studying the all-round development of human beings,but also can guide the Chinese people to realize the great dream of national rejuvenation.The contemporary value of marxist philosophy determines that it needs constant innovation to give full play to its contemporary value.Then,the innovation research of marxist philosophy has important guiding significance for the harmonious and sustainable development of human and society.
  The innovation of basic theory is the main body that marxist philosophy innovates.The realistic problems existing in contemporary China should be summarized through the practical innovation in the contemporary world,from which the traditional wisdom and the source of thought of China should be excavated and the innovation should be studied.To realize the innovation of marxist philosophy,we should seek breakthroughs from three aspects,namely,the philosophy of man,the philosophy of dialectical development,and the philosophy of labor and labor practice.
  The innovation of marxist philosophy theory is to follow the objective law and seek the evolution of its own development.In order to deepen the comprehension and grasp of the realistic problems in contemporary China,it is necessary to carry out the realistic textual research on the basic viewpoints of marxism,and constantly develop and expand them.To make marxist philosophy help us to improve the insight of social life,it is necessary to bring marxist philosophy into full play of its wisdom,examine problems from the perspective of history,and on this basis foresee the future direction of development.Marxist philosophy became the study of wisdom in its true sense.
  Marxist philosophy is a system of methodology to cope with life and the world,and an in-depth understanding.Only by constantly innovating the methodology,can Marx's theory continue to elucidate in the future life and expand the traditional wisdom.The understanding of method innovation can be divided into four aspects,that is,the thinking form of practice,the method of creation,the historical method and the method of people and value.These four methods are all based on the methodology of studying China's development and form the theoretical premise of methodological innovation.
  From the perspective of development,the significance of the development of marxist philosophy lies in the innovation of marxist philosophy system.Therefore,the innovation of marxist philosophy can be deeply considered,that is,the formation of marxist philosophy innovation system means that the theoretical stage has been completed,and has gained predictive power,which has become a symbol of specificity in thinking and an important measure of theoretical rigor.
  In order to realize the innovation of marxist philosophy system,it is necessary to adhere to the principle of systematicness and establish the train of thought on the strict logical framework.Adhere to the historical principle,is to build a theoretical system in accordance with the law of the development of things and the generation of logic to achieve,when the traditional factors and factors of The Times to achieve integration,and on this basis to establish a theoretical system with historical depth;Adhering to the principle of dynamic openness and aiming at the uncertain characteristics of human life,we can deeply analyze the openness and complexity of marxist philosophy system,so as to gain more valuable experience.
  The system comes into being along with the society and is the product of human social life.Studying institutions from the perspective of philosophy can help people have a deeper understanding of Marx's research on human nature,especially his theoretical views on human social nature.In Marx's view,man,as the object of philosophical study,has a social history,and can actively express himself.As for the reality of individuals,it can be reflected in two core contents,that is,the material practice under certain conditions and the joint activities in the way of communication.It can be seen that,just as Marx stated,people are essentially the sum of social relations.People are social in nature,therefore,people's personality and power are inseparable from social practice.In real life,the communication between people is restricted by the form of communication,and"relationship"occurs in the communication.System is not only the product of communication,but also the way of common activities.Then the study of institutional philosophy becomes the key to the study of human social essence.For example,if people want to achieve free development,the system is an important condition to make it a reality.The realization of the essential power of human beings needs to take the innovation system as an effective way to provide an effective mechanism for the society.After the improvement of common activities,institutional innovation should be carried out to promote the interpersonal relationship in the real society.
  The power of man is the power of society.Only when man develops can society develop.Neither human development nor social development can be measured by individual ability,but by the growth rate of collective power.Collective force depends on the form of common activity and communication,so it is the combination of individuals in daily activities.In fact,this is the process that the system innovates ceaselessly.Therefore,in order to have a deeper understanding of the connotation of human development and the path of social development,we can conduct research on system philosophy,from which we can be inspired and generate theoretical innovation value.
  From the perspective of historical materialism,productivity is the ability to conquer and transform nature.However,if we understand the concept of productivity from the perspective of institution,its meaning will be infinitely extended.In addition to being defined as the ability to conquer and transform nature,productive forces are the ability to change the way of common activities to change and innovate the forms of communication.Visible,productivity belongs to the ability that is collective.Its ability to transform nature depends on the form of communication and the way of transformation.That is to say,only in the collective,people can be reflected as freedom,and can give full play to it.The system belongs to the superstructure,which changes with the economic foundation.However,from the above point of view,it is more manifested as the reaction of the superstructure to the economic foundation.The study of system philosophy not only enriches the study of marxist philosophy,but also deepens the theories of productive forces and historical materialism.
  The study of institutions is based on the study of people.If the limitations of human problems are broken,then the study of institutions will be infinitely extended.However,if we leave the scope of institutional research on people's understanding,it will lead to theoretical emptiness.The study of institutional philosophy not only constitutes the study of marxist philosophy,but also expands the theoretical space of philosophy to deepen and comprehensively understand people.
  The study of institutional values is the basic subject of institutional ethics.No matter in the field of value or ethics,the study of institution should be carried out from its vicissitude path and action mechanism.
  The theme of the study of institutional philosophy is closely related to the daily life of the society and mainly tends to operate in the social life.Since the study of institutional philosophy is related to people's social life,it is closely related to people's logical thinking mode.It can be seen that the study of system philosophy is no longer limited to the operation and implementation of the system,but has established the system thinking mode,which plays a deeper role in the study of the system.
  The institution comes into being along with the society,the vicissitude of the institution is the important component of the social vicissitude,and also is the important force to promote the social vicissitude.In recent years,institutional change has become an important research topic,which has important research value for China's social transformation,change and development.
  To sum up,in the system of marxist philosophy,institutional philosophy can be regarded as a new research field,but it plays an important role in promoting the development of philosophical system.If philosophy is the study of man,then realistic man will be the eternal subject of philosophy.The specific forms of communication and common activities between people will form the specific path of institutional research in thinking,which provides the train of thought and framework for the study of institutional philosophy.


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