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留学作业代写 - 案例展示 - 论文成绩案例 - 教育类assignment代写:幼儿的规则意识


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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 assignment代写 范文- The rule consciousness of young children,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了幼儿的规则意识。规则意识与人性、良心有关,是道德和信仰的基石。...
      下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- The rule consciousness of young children,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了幼儿的规则意识。规则意识与人性、良心有关,是道德和信仰的基石。幼儿园教育作为人生教育的启蒙阶段,幼儿规则意识培养的重要性是不言而喻的。幼儿具备了良好的规则意识,对于幼儿以后成长道路上的行为习惯与个人素质的养成提升上都有很好的促进作用。
  The rule consciousness is related to human nature and conscience, and it is the cornerstone of morality and belief. Kindergarten education as the Enlightenment stage of life education, the importance of child rule awareness training is self-evident. Based on the reality, this paper analyzes the importance of the rule consciousness, and discusses the cultivation method of the child's rule consciousness in many aspects according to the children's cognitive characteristics in the infancy of the rule consciousness.
  The sense of rule refers to the consciousness that comes from the heart and rules for its own action. The establishment of children's rule consciousness is the prerequisite and basic content of its social development, and it is very important to the development of children's sound personality. The guiding outline of kindergarten education puts forward clear requirements and specific guidance suggestions for the cultivation of children's behavior habits in health, language, society, science and art. For young children, due to different family rearing styles, there are obvious differences in self-care ability, language ability, cognitive ability and communicative ability of children. The independence of its psychological activities and the consciousness and impulsivity of its purpose and behavior are in the critical period of development. Under the guidance of the good education way, the cultivation of the rule consciousness can impel the children to adjust and control their behavior consciously, reduce the impulse, then obey the collective requirement, and gradually have the ability to act for the farther purpose. Therefore, the cultivation of children's rule consciousness is helpful to the development of nursery education.
  According to long-term field observation and the reflection of preschool teachers, we understand that young children often interrupt others to speak, speak loudly or scream, wiggle or walk around, play jokes, scramble for or dominate toys, toys or books, jump the queue, destroy other people's or public goods, bully others, take things that are not theirs, Non-compliance with rules such as games and public places.
  Kindergarten Life is a group life, children in family education does not cultivate the sense of community life, in order to allow children to adapt to group life as soon as possible to ensure normal teaching order, need a certain rule to restrain children's behavior, this needs to cultivate the rules of young children awareness. Gradually help children understand the rules, understanding the rules of life in the discipline is the beginning of the collective. If not to develop a good sense of rule, not only affect the children in the kindergarten stage of learning life, but also hinder the child's understanding of the world, easy to form a self-centered worldview, is the child's life on the road insurmountable peak. Therefore, teachers and parents should in ordinary life learning to instill regular awareness of the child education, from the details, to help children understand the rules, master the rules, enhance the self-control ability of children, to form a good habit of complying with the rules. To cultivate their good adaptability and obedience to Qingshen is a milestone for children's growth.
  In the common life and activities, teachers should guide young children to know, experience and understand basic social behavior rules, learn self-discipline and respect others in many ways. Many ways include the creation of environment, the transference of stories, the positive reinforcement, and the individual corrective methods. Among them, the creation of environment is the most basic and critical. Mr. Heqin once said: "What kind of environment is stimulated and what kind of impression is given." "The atmosphere of activity and the relationship between teachers and young children is the medium and bridge between the child and the environment." For example, in the dining activity, the teacher must strive to create the relaxed harmonious joyful atmosphere, enables the child to dine happily. The ways that teachers often take in practice include: When a child dines, selectively play some beautiful melody, so that children can eat with a happy mood, the children who have good meal performance, praised eyes, cordial head and other forms of praise can inspire them to eat more actively; a child with a bad meal, a mild consolation, Patient guidance can eliminate their nervousness and make them feel positive about eating.
  The organization of educational activities should give full consideration to the learning style and characteristics of children, focusing on comprehensiveness, interest and education in life games. Games are the basic activities of kindergartens. In the day of the children's activities, teachers often use the form of the game, so that children in the knowledge, establish a sense of the rules and awareness.
  The model Education law is to influence the educated by others ' noble sentiments, exemplary behavior and good deeds. In the process of the development of social rules for children, it is a very effective method to set up good example for children to imitate. The child's nature is good imitation, its behavior habit and the rule consciousness has the very strong plasticity. The parents, teachers and companions who have the closest relationship with their life experience become the most direct imitation object. This requires teachers and parents to use the same standards to require young children, norms themselves.
  For example, in the toilet activity, the teacher found that some children in the class love to play, wash their hands when careless, some children wash their hands when gossiping and the movement is too slow, some young children like playing with water, sprinkle water on the ground, and even some children frolic, push, not in order. In the face of this situation, teachers can participate in a timely manner, guide the Children in accordance with the "arrival" in the order of the line, to show them the correct washing steps, the rule of consciousness in the form of a subtle influence on children.
  Family is the earliest and most direct social place for children, and also the most important and influential factor for children's social development. The rule consciousness is the basic content of social development, and the rule consciousness established in kindergartens needs to be strengthened in the family.
  For example, a kindergarten nap often has children throwing clothes, disorderly shoes, and other children asleep when talking loudly. So teachers try to communicate with their parents, to carry out home cooperation, help children in the family to establish neat clothes and shoes, while others sleep quiet good behavior habits. Good behavior is the external embodiment of the rule consciousness, through the family coordination and collaboration, the child's social life norms have been enhanced.
  As an important part of kindergarten education and teaching activities, the cultivation of children's rule consciousness plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of children. Young children have a good sense of the rules, for children after the growth of the road habits and personal quality of the formation of promotion has a good role in promoting. Therefore, it is imperative to cultivate children's rule consciousness.




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