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高分assignment代写范文:What Happened to Art Criticism

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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 assignment代写 范文-What Happened to Art Criticism,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了艺术批评。在《艺术批评发生了什么》一书中,作者的观点是十分出色,他的分...
  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文-What Happened to Art Criticism,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了艺术批评。在《艺术批评发生了什么》一书中,作者的观点是十分出色,他的分析所得从简单到困难,从而使我一步一步把握问题的本质:从艺术批评的困境这意味着公众大量展览手册所困扰,但与此同时,艺术批评是忽视了当代知识分子,造成这一现象的原因,然后解决方案在最关键的时刻。作者像一位杰出的艺术家一样,用透视的手法描绘了一幅艺术批评的全景图。整篇论文充满了例子,大量的统计数据和对比。最重要的是,论文的论述十分清晰:通过对艺术批评现状的分析,提出了批评应具备的三个素质。
  After reading James Elkins’paper which is an excerpt from“What Happened to Art Criticism”,it is mainly a discussion on the state of the practice of art criticism.I have found the author’s view is quite outstanding and his analysis proceeds from the easy to the difficult,thus enabling me to grasp the essence of the issue step by step:from the dilemma of art criticism which means that the public are plagued with a flood of exhibition brochures,but at the same time art criticism is ignored by contemporary intellectuals,to the reason why causes this phenomenon,then to the solution at a most critical moment.Like a wonderful artist,the author depicts a panoramic drawing of art criticism in perspective.Although the author expounds the current state of art criticism in a convincing way,I could hardly agree without giving serious thought about some of his ideas which I will talk about in the following text.Generally speaking,the whole paper is full of examples and a lot of statistics and many contrasts.The most important thing is that the thesis statement is quite clear:through analyzing the current state of art criticism,the author puts forward three qualities which criticism should have.
  Taking the overall explication into account,it mainly talks about newspapers and magazines which can be classified as journalism that means the work of collecting and writing news stories for newspapers,magazines,radio or television.Therefore the presumed audience include the journalists with certain knowledge about art criticism and the potential critics who want to dedicate themselves to the cause of this career and some professional art critics who has already published several pieces of art criticism and even the ordinary people who occasionally glance through the newspaper or magazine.In a word,the presumed audience are quite a lot people of many varieties who have interest in the topic:what happened to art criticism?The shining point of this paper is that the brilliant exposition has made a deep impression on the readers.The author tries to persuade the readers into believing what he says and it is a difficult task for the author to make the readers believe that there is no other choice but to abide by what advice the author has given including three points:ambitious judgment;reflection about judgment itself;criticism important enough to count as history,and vice versa.In my opinion,it is somewhat of an overstatement aimed probably at producing a sensational effect.It can be proved at the beginning of the paper when the author says that art criticism is on the verge of death.Perhaps the author wants to catch the eyes of the readers by using this kind of words such as“in worldwide crisis”,“invisibly”and“dying”.I do not know what other people react to these words,as for me,they attract my attention successfully.The other opinion that I disagree with the author is the discussion about the phenomenon of a lot of exhibition brochures.The author thinks these brochures are no use in the development of art criticism.But I think perhaps these brochures have not much help for the cause of art criticism,at least they have their own advantages.The most important advantage is that it is considered desirable to spend some money advertising the elegant work of art,especially for the visitors from different countries.
  To put it in a nutshell,I will quote an old Chinese saying:success comes from forethought,while thoughtlessness leads to failure.By analyzing this paper about art criticism,I have learned a lot about the current state of criticism.It is a long way to spread this solution to solving the dilemma in a much broader sphere which needs more academic research and hard work.At the same time,the drawback that we should not ignore is that this solution is easier said than done.Therefore I cannot help remembering an old saying:where there is a will,there is the way.I believe that art criticism will regain its strength in the future.

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