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留学作业代写 - 案例展示 - 论文成绩案例 - 经济学essay代写范文:Socialist market economy

经济学essay代写范文:Socialist market economy

文章来源:网络整理  文章作者:Australiaway论文网  发布时间:2019-06-19 16:58:28   浏览次数: 次  字数:6722 字  文章关键词:essay代写

文章导读:下面Australiaway小编为大家整理一篇经济学 essay代写 范文-Socialist market economy,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了社会主义市场经济。社会主义市场经济是法制经济,而法律在社会主义市...
  下面Australiaway小编为大家整理一篇经济学essay代写范文-Socialist market economy,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了社会主义市场经济。社会主义市场经济是法制经济,而法律在社会主义市场经济中起着规范和保障的作用,也是统治阶级意志的体现。我们需要提升全民的经济法治观念,为社会主义市场经济的发展创造一个公平正义的经济法治环境,使生产关系不断适应生产力发展的要求,推动社会主义市场经济快速发展。
  The historical materialism of marxism tells us that the economic foundation determines the superstructure.Economic basis determines the law,certain economic foundation is certain legal reality foundation.Public ownership economy is the basis of socialist market economy,which determines the nature and content of socialist law.The legislation of our country should reflect the objective requirements of the socialist economic foundation consciously and serve the economic foundation.At the same time,according to the general law of law production and development,law has relative independence and reacts on economic basis.As socialist laws reflect the proletariat will,for the reform of socialist economy,adjust and promote plays an important role,this is also in the entire historical period of socialism the socialist law an extremely important task and mission.
  China develops a socialist market economy,and the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources.According to the materialistic dialectical relation of the principal and secondary aspects of contradiction,market economy has duality.Both motive power by their own interests and market competition mechanism to drive the development of commodity economy and the improvement of social productivity,at the same time with blindness,hysteresis and spontaneity of ordering tendency and too much emphasis on the interests of the standard reaction,affect the healthy development of the commodity market.Therefore,it is necessary to carry out proper planning and control and administrative management,which is also an important feature of China's socialist market economy.Then,how to achieve the coupling of planned regulation,administrative management and market economy,and ensure that market regulation plays the biggest role in the socialist economy,this requires the rule of law.Therefore,market economy is both a legal economy and a legal economy.The development of socialist market economy cannot be separated from the guarantee and promotion of socialist law.
  Socialist market economy is legal economy,the law in the socialist market economy norms and security role,the law is the embodiment of the ruling class's will,our socialist law reflect the will of the proletariat,but the proletariat is to serve the liberation and development of the productive forces,is to serve the people.Our socialist law must reflect the liberation,protection,also the objective requirement of the development of the productive forces,consolidate and strengthen the socialist economic base,this is also the inner requirement of socialist market economy.Many problems and difficulties in today's social market economy are mostly caused by the unsound construction of the legal system or the lagging development of the legal system.The development of China's socialist market economy system requires the confirmation of the legal status of market subjects and the confirmation of the relationship between rights and obligations to protect their legitimate rights and interests.Provisions on property rights relations,market systems,market organizations and other market economic systems;The definition of the commercialization of various factors of production and the relationship between the two parties in market economy;To the market economic operation specifications and solve various problems in the process of all aspects of protection,through the improvement of the economic law system and economic legal system is complete,ensure that the market behavior of the legal system and modernization.
  Socialist market economy is not only a legal economy,but also a legal economy."The rule of law"is relative to"rule of man",based on the dual nature of market economy,market economy will inevitably be in the process of our development power and blind pursuit of economic interests of the individual economic behavior and disturbing the order of the socialist economic behavior,not only destroyed the normal production relation,and hindered the development of social productivity,is not conducive to the development of the public sector of the economy.In order to contain and completely put an end to illegal crime in the field of economy,the breeding and spread of corruption,etc,only the perfect legal system is not enough,this needs the whole society's overall under the rule of law to regulate and punishment of violation of production relations and?The behavior of r value law strengthens the restriction on public power to ensure that people's rights serve the people.With complete production management system of rule of law,organization and management of market behavior,and requires all members of society,including government organs,enterprises,individuals must obey the law in accordance with the law,on the basis of follow the principle of the rule of law to serve economy,make the law the inner needs of the development of market economy,arouse the enthusiasm of market participants,raise the concept of economic law,for the development of socialist market economy to create a fair and justice of economic law environment,the production relationship to constantly adapt to the demands of the development of productive forces,promote sound and rapid development of socialist market economy.
  This paper analyzes the dialectical relationship between law and law and economic foundation from the perspective of marxist philosophy,and probes into the important theoretical and practical significance of law in improving the ability of economic governance.Plays an important role in the building of the our country is in the"much starker choices-and graver consequences-in"period,under the guidance of the principles of marxist philosophy,various undertakings of our country for theoretical exploration and research,enrich the theory of China's national governance system,and also for promoting the modernization of national governance and persistence and extension has pointed out the direction of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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