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留学作业代写 - 案例展示 - 论文成绩案例 - 美国Essay代写范文-卫生保健助理和卫生单位职员


文章来源:原创  文章作者:Australiaway  发布时间:2020/03/18  浏览次数: 次  字数:5657 字  文章关键词:essay代写

文章导读:今天Australiaway小编给同学们分享一篇 Essay代写 范文: 卫生保健助理和卫生单位职员的沟通,同学们可以详细了解。 Essay代写 Sleeping is the most important thing in humans life because it plays variou...

  Sleeping is the most important thing in human’s life because it plays various roles in brain development,learning,memories,recovery and restoration.Based on the research,scientists and researchers state that humans spend one third of their lifetime sleeping.However,according to Sleep Health Foundation,around 1 in 3 people have at least mild insomnia,and the elderly population has even higher risk(nearly 50%)to suffer from insomnia,which is why I chose insomnia as my research essay topic.There are several reasons why old people have higher risk to suffer from insomnia,which I will elaborate in the essay,along with the causes of the disease,and different kinds of treatments for it.
  According to Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems,insomnia can be divided into three types,which are transient,short-term and chronic.Transient refers to insomnia lasting for days,short-term refers to insomnia lasting for weeks,and chronic refers to insomnia that last for months or years.Despite the 3 types,we can still see the same physical and psychological symptoms on them all,such as depression or anxiety,difficulty in paying attention,and daytime tiredness.Such symptoms are also frequently found on geriatric patients.Therefore,there exists a deep correlation between insomnia and age related health problems.Better understanding of the insomnia problem will be significant in the improvement of the health status of the elderly;in return,proper treatment of the health problems will also help treat insomnia.
  There are many physical symptoms and signs which tell about the degree of seriousness of insomnia.The most identifiable symptom is the difficulty of the patient in falling asleep.Sometimes,it would take the patients hours in bed before they can fall asleep.The quality of sleep is another indicator of insomnia.People who suffer from insomnia often cannot sleep soundly and get awaken more easily and frequently.Insomnia patients tend to wake up earlier in the morning than they want to.Followed by the unwelcome awakenings,it would be even more difficult for them to get back to sleep again.As a consequence of the lack of quality sleep,many patients do not have enough energy to sustain the day.The tiredness from the night has made them confused between day and night and easily startled by the surrounding environment.
  There are many possible causes for insomnia for the elderly,ranging from physical,mental,environmental,behavioral and drug related.Physical reasons include long-term suffering for other painful diseases,Dementia or Alzheimer's disease as well as cardiovascular disease.Compared to the physical causes,which are easily identified and targeted,mental causes are more frequent in triggering insomnia.Anxiety problems,depression and stress are among the top mental causes of insomnia.Environmental and behavioral causes include noise,late-night eating,late-night exercises and an inactive lifestyle.Such reasons are not pathological and are often the result of an accumulation of bad habits over the course of many years,which makes them trickier in handling.Some of the drug related causes can also be regarded as behavioral,such as alcohol abuse,nicotine,and food and drinks containing caffeine(coffee,tea,cola,chocolate).Other drugs such as some cold medicines,antidepressant medicines are also potential causes for insomnia.Such causes by the drugs often go unnoticed by the patient.
  Due to the large population base of the sufferers,there has been numerous ways that are proposed to battle insomnia.Despite the effectiveness of medication,patients can grow dependent on them.Moreover,taking the pills are not a natural way to help enhance the quality of the sleep,which means the problem of insomnia still exists once the patients stop taking the pills.Therefore,treatment for insomnia nowadays are increasingly focused on the indirect yet fundamental approaches.For example,doing exercises during the day will help relax the mind and bring a proper degree of tiredness,which is helpful for improving sleep quality.However,the amount,type,time and location of the exercise should be carefully chosen so that there is no reverse effect.Moreover,efforts should be made by the patients to avoid unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones.For example,regular timetable,body massage,healthy diet,positive thinking are all effective ways in getting relaxed and treating insomnia.
  Overall,the key to battling the insomnia problems for the elderly is the establishment of good habits and a healthy lifestyle.Nowadays,people are under tremendous amounts of pressure from life and work,which is the main source of insomnia.The elderly group are even more susceptible to insomnia since many of them already have to endure the maladies caused by aging.Most of the different types of insomnia,caused by physical,mental,environmental,behavioral and drug related reasons,can be overcome with medication,exercises and the establishment of other healthy habits.As an illness closely related to the lifestyle of the patients,it is only and change in the lifestyle that can fundamentally solve the insomnia problem.




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