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Assignment代写范文:O2O e-commerce model

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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 assignment代写 范文- O2O e-commerce model,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了O2O电子商务模式。O2O,指的是将线下的商务机会与互联网结合,让互联网成为线下交易...
  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- O2O e-commerce model,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了O2O电子商务模式。O2O,指的是将线下的商务机会与互联网结合,让互联网成为线下交易的前台。O2O模式是进行商务交易兼具互联网的线上和线下两种方式。具有这种交易方式的商务模式都可以是O2O模式的具体应用。开展O2O模式的电子商务,主要有自建网上商城形式和借助第三方平台销售形式。除此之外,还有其他形式的线上宣传,线下购买。
  Traditional industries and enterprises are involved in e-commerce one after another. On the one hand, it intensifies the competition in the whole e-commerce field; on the other hand, it will inevitably give birth to some new e-commerce models. In general, in the future, e-commerce enterprises will develop from the network to the reality, while traditional enterprises will also develop from the reality to the network, and the two will eventually achieve effective integration, namely the combination of offline business opportunities and online Internet. E-commerce will permeate into other fields, and the boundaries with the traditional increasingly blurred, O2O model in this condition. Understanding O2O mode is not only the need to deepen the study of e-commerce, but also the discussion of the development trend of e-commerce. The analysis of the specific application mode of O2O and the study of O2O mode management provide an important reference for the comprehensive understanding of e-commerce.
  O2O, namely online and offline, also known as online-to-offline, refers to the combination of offline business opportunities and the Internet, so that the Internet becomes the front desk of offline transactions. The concept of O2O is very broad, as long as the business transaction process involves both online and offline, it can be called O2O. O2O model has appeared since the rise of group-buying websites. At that time, we called the O2O model as group-buying in the same city. Since group-buying in the same city can experience consumption online, now we are more familiar with the concept of group-buying, and the O2O model is also extended to group-buying service in the same city. In fact, O2O merchants must be able to carry out offline real low consumption, while the merchants in the group-buying model are not certain. The key to the O2O business model is that consumers find the required consumption services online and then consume them in real stores or agreed places, realizing online discovery and offline purchase. The focus of this mode is more offline, which is more conducive to consumers, so that consumers can feel the authenticity of consumption while quickly discovering consumption. There is a saying that O2O model must complete online payment, and merchants must have physical stores offline. If only defined online, the concept is too broad to grasp what is the specific O2O model. In fact, the definition of e-commerce cannot be precisely defined. Therefore, for the O2O model, it is more meaningful to understand its formation than to simply grasp its concept.
  The O2O model is both online and offline ways of conducting business transactions on the Internet. Then the business model with this transaction mode can be the specific application of O2O model. At present, the development of O2O mode of e-commerce, there are two main types of ways: chain enterprises chain online mall form. Brand owners of national chain enterprises set up their own online shopping malls. Consumers seek information about the purchase of brand products online, place purchase orders directly from online stores, and then experience the service of brand owners' chain stores in various places offline. In this process, the brand to provide online customer service, as well as the transfer of goods at any time support, franchisee receipt and delivery. Local businesses in the form of online shops. Local enterprises set up online stores to carry out various promotional activities and provide online sales and offline services. To some extent, this solves the geographical disadvantage of physical stores and increases the sales volume of enterprises. The advantage of self-built shopping malls is that online and offline stores can be matched one by one, and the promotion of products and on-site services can make consumers more assured. Disadvantages are large investment, promotion efforts, especially for small brands and local enterprises, publicity online mall is an investment problem. Sales through third-party platforms. Enterprises sell products or services on third-party platforms, and consumers purchase or enjoy services on the spot after consulting online. There are many such third-party platforms, such as,, Meituan, nuomi and so on. After consulting a batch of products on alibaba, I chose to purchase them in the company's physical stores due to the huge number. I chose a product on and found that merchants and myself were in the same city. For websites such as Meituan, its main feature is the group purchase of the same city, focusing on offline consumption. These are all O2O models sold through third-party platforms. Third party platform technology is quite mature, it has a huge amount of traffic, can quickly promote bring customers. Currently, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises that choose to sell on third-party platforms. Other forms of online publicity, offline purchase. At present, the Internet has many means of network publicity, such as weibo, WeChat, BBS and so on. Through these publicity methods, consumers discover the products and then make on-the-spot consumption, which can also be in the O2O mode. For example, a seller published the sales information of a product on BBS in the same city, and a demander contacted and conducted on-site transaction, which formed the O2O transaction mode.
  The development of O2O model benefits from the development of Internet platform. Enterprises should not only grasp the value of O2O model, but also recognize the risks of O2O model and formulate appropriate marketing strategies.
  The advantage of O2O model lies in the perfect combination of online and offline advantages and the perfect connection between the Internet and offline physical stores through the intermediary platform, so that consumers can enjoy online quick purchase and preferential prices while enjoying offline intimate services. It opens up the online and offline information and experience links, so that offline consumers can avoid the "price deception" caused by information asymmetry, and at the same time realize the "pre-sales experience" of online consumers. Moreover, the O2O model can also realize the alliance of different businesses and achieve the integrity of consumption in the region. O2O model makes full use of the Internet across the region, no boundary, huge amounts of information and the advantage of vast users, and fully excavating offline resources, thus contribute to the online user and offline trade of goods and services, expand the offline stores sales, especially the new open store, select O2O mode is more to a good shop free publicity. The O2O model, to a certain extent, reduces the dependence of merchants on the geographical location of stores and reduces the expenditure on rent.
  As a new model combining offline business and Internet, O2O model solves the problem of e-commerce in traditional industries to some extent. Since O2O mode focuses on offline consumption experience, the implementation of this mode is a big challenge to the offline ability of enterprises. It is a big problem whether an enterprise can master the quality of offline services while bringing sales volume through online advantages. Therefore, how to guarantee the symmetry between online information and offline business services while conducting online marketing will become a key node that challenges whether the O2O model can really develop.
  O2O mode can be paid online through the selected platform, although the dilemma of "before payment is god, after payment is nothing" can be avoided to some extent through the refund function of the platform. However, for some categories of goods, such as customized type of physical goods and consumers are not scheduled, consumers will be in a very passive position.
  The O2O model cannot simply attract consumers with price advantages, and it cannot guarantee the recovery of the price system in the later stage if the price is too low. Once the price is raised, consumers will make alternative consumption, and the group that does not choose the O2O model will also follow the trend of price. It is also a difficult problem for merchants to weigh the difference between online price and offline price without breaking their original market system, and to attract the maximum customer flow while ensuring the interests of both consumers.
  Enterprises should choose appropriate marketing strategies when the value and risk of O2O model coexist, so as to ensure the maximum effect of O2O model. O2O application modes are selected according to the enterprise's own scale and conditions. For enterprises promoted by third-party network platforms, large-scale commercial operation networks should be selected, especially for local service enterprises, and large-scale localized operation networks should be selected. These operating network has been very mature, can maximum limit to ensure all kinds of service information authenticity, reliability, and there are all kinds of the application of intelligent terminal development, accumulated in the maximum consumption under the premise of users and large scale operating network coverage, ensure that the user can go, where to play, which, enjoy the maximum improve the user experience. Although O2O model is offline consumption, its price is online. In order to better attract consumers, O2O merchants offer lower online prices than offline prices and regard the difference as advertising investment. In this case, the price factor should be strictly controlled. Temporary online prices should not be regarded as permanent offline prices by consumers. Appropriate price strategies should be formulated and prices should be adjusted periodically. Some merchants have many offline preferential activities, so O2O can also be developed into another way, reverse O2O, that is, from offline to online, using offline information display channels and various offline promotional activities to guide users to online. Then there may be another online to offline reverse transfer, to promote offline sales.
  O2O mode is widely used in e-commerce, and consumers are happy to choose shopping and services through this new online discovery mechanism, which not only saves their time, but also enables them to accurately locate their needs. Either as consumers or businesses, understanding and application of O2O mode will promote the great progress of the society, at the same time of using O2O e-commerce model is reasonable to recognize its value and existence the risk of error, enjoying the e-commerce bring us convenience as well as to avoid the damage it, deep understanding of O2O model will broaden the development direction of e-commerce, make e-commerce from the scale to the diversity.

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