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留学作业代写 - 案例展示 - 论文成绩案例 - 英国大学essay代写范文:British university museum

英国大学essay代写范文:British university museum

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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 essay代写 范文-British university museum,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英国的大学博物馆。英国的大学博物馆涵盖了从考古学到动物学等各个专业领域,每年...
  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文-British university museum,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英国的大学博物馆。英国的大学博物馆涵盖了从考古学到动物学等各个专业领域,每年都吸引了数以万计的参观者。英国的大学博物馆与普通博物馆相比,往往在专业上更具优势,独树一帜。英国的大学博物馆是教育、文化和大学学术的精华所在,也是大学发展的动力源泉,在帮助大学转化学术研究成果、组织实施教学活动、丰富拓展学生体验、树立大学国内外形象方面发挥着重要的作用。同时,作为旅游景点和文化目的地,英国的大学博物馆也在当地的经济和社会生活中作出了突出的贡献。
  The core reason for the UK's creative industry to gain an edge in the fierce global competition lies in the continuous input of excellent creative talents.British university museums have a long history.They always attach importance to the realization of educational function and emphasize that museums serve the needs of university teaching.In the age of creative economy,cultivating students with problem-solving ability and knowledge transfer ability is the primary goal of talent cultivation in British universities.Therefore,British universities often provide or simulate various real scenes for students in daily teaching,so that they can learn and master various knowledge and skills in an immersive way,which is to advocate the so-called experiential teaching model.University museums provide the best practice environment for the development of experiential teaching.In recent years,many experiential teaching activities have been organized and implemented in universities and museums across the UK,which have accumulated many successful experiences for the cultivation of creative talents.
  Britain has a very special and important position in the history of world museums.In the middle of the 18th century,the British collector Hans Christian Andersen wrote a book on the subject.The decision to create a national museum came after Lord Sloane donated nearly 80,000 of his collection to the British royal family.On January 15,1759,the British museum,one of the four major museums in the world,was established.It was the first large public museum in the world.British universities and museums have a longer history,which can be traced back to the establishment of ashmolean museum in Oxford University in 1683.It is the first museum with modern significance in the world,and the oldest university museum in Britain and the world,more than 70 years earlier than the British museum.
  More than 100 university museums in England,Scotland,wales and Northern Ireland are open to the public,according to the university museums association's web site.Of these,university museums in England and wales account for only 4%of the total number of museums,but 30%of the designated national collections.In Scotland,just three universities have 14%of the national collection.
  Among the university museums in Britain,the ashmolean museum at Oxford University,the Manchester museum at Manchester university,the fitzwilliam museum at Cambridge university and the hunterian museum at Glasgow university are the largest and best known.In addition,there are a number of small but distinctive university museums in the UK,covering various fields from archaeology to zoology,which attract tens of thousands of visitors every year.Compared with ordinary museums,university museums in the UK tend to have more advantages in major and develop their own style.
  British university museums are the essence of university scholarship,education and culture,as well as the driving force of university development.They play an important role in helping universities to transform academic research results,organize and implement teaching activities,enrich and expand student experience,and establish the image of universities at home and abroad.At the same time,as a tourist attraction and cultural destination,university museums in the UK have also made outstanding contributions to local economic and social life.
  Collection,research,exhibition and education are regarded as the four traditional functions of museums.With the development of economy and the change of times,the educational function of museums has been paid more and more attention,which has gradually become the main mission of museums.At the end of the 19th century,George Brown Goode,an American scholar,believed that museums should be the main body to enlighten the public,calling for the abandonment of traditional museums and the restructuring and transformation of them from burial grounds for antiques into nurseries for ideas.According to the American museum classic"museum in the new century"published in 1984,if the collection is the heart of the museum,education is the soul of the museum.If school education is formal,museum education is more informal.In its influential"excellence and equality",the American association of museums points out that the experience of visiting museums can not only cultivate the ability of the citizens of the world to live in a pluralistic society,but also help them find solutions to the challenges they face.These are educational experiences in a broad sense.
  At present,all countries in the world are committed to giving play to the educational function of museums as an important means to enlighten people's wisdom and improve their cultural quality.Universities as the cradle of cultivating high-quality talents,are using their own resources advantages in professional,teaching and scientific research,to build a batch of distinctive university museum,to facilitate the interaction between university and the public,cooperate with the university teaching and research practice,to make the university museum at the university of gradually developed into a new laboratory and creative hub.German philosopher Kall Jaspers pointed out in his book the university concept that"a real university must include academic teaching,scientific and academic research,and creative cultural life.Museums play an important role in all three aspects.
  In the early 19th century,many of the collections of British university museums were used for teaching,which formed the teaching principles of geology,drama and other disciplines.Nowadays,with the development of creative industry and the rise of creative economy,British university museums are playing an increasingly important role in the cultivation of creative talents.




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